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Genital Aesthetics

Vaginal Surgeries

Genitals are one of the body parts that women most care for its appearance and comfort. Aesthetically satisfactory genital area makes women more comfortable and feel confident in sexual intercourses.

Deformities in genitals not only cause an unwanted appearance, but also may make women unhappy, shy and sexually insufficience.

Labiaplasty (Labium aesthetics – large or small vaginal labias)

Labiaplasty has been the most preferred surgery among vaginal plastic surgeries in the last years. Outer vaginal lips that are called “Labium” are the main parts of a vagina that forms the outer vagina that is seen. Within time, there may occur sagging due to aging or genetical coding or skin-type. This situation may cause an aesthetically unappealing appearance and discomfort such as noticeable vaginal form under bikini or difficulties during sexual intercourse.

Outer vaginal lips are formed of fat tissues. With aging or weight loss the fat tissue in these outer lips start to disappear which causes a sagging look in the vaginal lips. This problem does not only cause aesthetic problems. When the outer lips sag, inner lips become more visible and outer lips start to lose their function of protecting inner vagina from external factors. As a solution, fat transfer is pretty reliable which consists of extracting excess body fat from the patient and injecting it to the outer vaginal lips.

The main function of the inner vaginal lips is to protect the vagina from external factors. It usually stays under the outer lips and is not visible from the outside. However, after giving birth inner lips may grow and sag. Thus, it becomes apparent from the outside. In addition to visual discomfort that occurs when wearing tight clothes such as swimsuits and tights, it also causes problems such as bleeding and infection as a result of irritation. Its solution is labiaplasty surgery, that is, shortening the inner lips by surgical method.

Vaginoplasty (Vagina Aesthetics – Vaginal Tightening Procedure)

Vaginoplasty, also known as “Vaginal Tight-up” can be performed surgically or by laser. Laser vaginoplasty is a quick procedure to perform. Over time, enlargements are frequently seen  due to aging or giving birth. Such deformities can cause the pleasure of sexual intercourse to decrease or disappear for both men and women. With the help of surgical intervention, the tissue that is loosened is tightened up and the surrounding tissues are rejuvenated.

Recently, laser vaginal tightening is performed in a clinical environment with a very short and easy method without requiring anesthesia. Thanks to the instruments developed for this purpose, vaginal tightening operations can be performed more effectively and successfully provided that the radiofrequency waves are used after the laser.

Mons pubis (Upper Vagina) Reduction

“Mons pubis” is the name of a high and covered area in the upper region of the groin.

It creates discomfort when it is noticeable from the outside under a bikini because of fat mass. Even in slim women, this area may be thicker and larger by genetical reasons. This reduction is also called “Monsplasty”.

It is performed with Liposuction. Excess fat tissue on the pubis is removed and the area is left flatter. It is a quick and easy procedure. Patient does not need to be hospitalized and can return to her daily life right away.

Treatment of Incisions Made in Vaginal Delivery

During a vaginal delivery, episiotomy can be performed if necessary which consists of incisions so that the delivery is successful. Undesirable appearance may remain in the genital area when these cuts are not stitched up well or if the vagina is damaged severely. It is possible to fix these problems. Scar tissues are removed with local anesthesia and hte skin is stitched up appropriately. In this way the skin becomes tighter and scar tissue disappears. It is a simple procedure and the patient can return to her daily life right after.

Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenorrhaphy)

Hymen repair, which is requested by patients for personal, social or family reasons, is also one of the genital aesthetic interventions.