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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction is widely known for its aesthetical purposes, but it can be performed to eliminate back, neck pain, egzama, extreme sweating, bad odor due to heavy and large breasts. At the end it leads to a postural disorder problems. In order to have a better appearance and dispose of other discomforts.

How is Breast Reduction performed?

In breast reduction surgery, breast tissue and skin is adjusted according to the patient’s body proportion by removing excessive tissue and skin.

It is inevidable to have some scars after a reduction mammaplasty surgery. These scars are circular shaped around the areola and inverted T-shape down from the nipple. In recent surgical methods, there is no incision made horizontally under the breast. Only an incision that goes around the nipple and straight down the nipple is made.

Within time these scars become less visible through skin recuperation.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia and it usually takes 2,5-4 hours in total.

What to expect after a breast reduction surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, the patient is kept under control in the hospital during the first night. Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed when you are discharged from the hospital the next day. Each day you can adapt to social life more and more with dressings to be made by your doctor after your breast reduction surgery. You can return to your normal life for 3-4 days after the operation.

As recovery process continues, do not force your arm at least for 4 weeks after surgery, do not carry weight, and avoid push and pull movements. You should use the sports bra recommended by your doctor for 1 month continuously. This bra will both reduce pain and help shape the breast. The breast tissue will have edema and swelling after the surgery. Edema decreases in 3-4 weeks. It may take 6-12 months to get the final result. It is normal that there may be a slight pain such as burning and sting from time to time. After surgery, if necessary, stitches are removed in 12-15 days. High physical activity should not be done for 2 months after the surgery. Light activities such as walking and jogging can be done after one month.