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Buttock Enhancement (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Buttock Enhancement (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Buttock enhancement, butt lift, or brazilian butt lift, is a plastic surgery that is performed to enhance the shape of buttocks. The different names are used according to the treatment plan and technique.

Main aim is to give the buttocks a lift and a new shape that suits the body proportion of the patient. There are different techniques that can be applied and usually this surgery has been popular with the name of brazilian butt lift throughout the world.

What are the techniques and who can have it?

  • Those who are underweight and do not have a round shaped buttocks can have a butt lift. As it is not possible to remove excess fat from an underweight patient, it will be performed by placing implants into the buttocks to give it a new shape.
  • Those who lose a significant amount of weight can have sagging around buttocks and inner thighs. In this case lifting of sagging skin is possible.
  • If a patient has enough excess fat around the thighs and belly, it is possible to remove it and inject it back into the buttocks in order to make them puffier. In this way the patient both achieves a thinner belly and rounder buttocks.

The most popular technique is the last one mentioned as the majority of women have excess fat around the belly and waist after pregnancy.

Buttock augmentation with dermal filler

It is possible to combine fat injection and fillers. In this way one can achieve the look that is known as Kardashian Butt. In long term some part of fillers are likely to dissolve to patient should keep it in mind.

Brazilian butt lift with fat injection

Recently it has become the most popular surgeries among women. Excess fat is removed from belly, thighs and waist and then injected back into the buttocks after going through a special processing machine. The amount of fat that will be permanent depends on the patient’s metabolism, age, lifestyle and eating habits. Usually at least 50% of the injected fat stays permanent. It is importantly recommended that the patient should keep his/her weight at a certain level and it should not change drastically. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes nearly 1,5 to 2 hours. After the operation, a compression corset should be worn for 2 weeks.

Butt lift with silicone implants

If the patient does not have enough excess fat to be removed, silicone implants can be preferred in order to augment the buttocks. Small incisions are made in between butt cheeks. The silicone implants are stiffer than breast implants. As it is placed under the muscle tissue, it cannot be felt by touching. As the incision is made between two butt portions in coccyx, no scar can be seen afterwards. The implants placed are highly developed materials and can last a lifetime. According to the researches, it does not cause any complication nor any side effects. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes 3 to 4 hours. Patient can return to normal life after 5 days

After butt enhancement

  • 1 night of hospitalization is necessary.
  • Patient needs to wear a compression corset right after the surgery. It is recommended to wear it for 3-4 weeks in order to avoid swelling, edema and help the skin adaptation.
  • It is very normal to have difficulties moving your body after a butt enhancement surgery. Slight pain and aching can occur but your surgeon will prescribe pain killers for you.
  • Sitting will not be a problem as the incisions are not made in the lower buttocks.
  • It is very normal to have swelling and bruises after BBL surgery and everything will go back to normal in a month.
  • After the surgery, you should avoid sports for 3 weeks. Meanwhile you are able to walk without any problem.
  • Most of the time surgeon uses dissolvable sutures. Therefore, you will not have any suture removal appointment.
  • You can have a bath 3 days after the buttock lift surgery.