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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI method can be seen with different names such as Implanter Pen or CHOI hair transplant. It was first developed in Korea National University. As it can also be understood from its name, direct hair implantation consists of implanting the extracted grafts directly into the recipient area without pre-made incisions (canals). Even though some clinics show it as a different technique from FUE, it is not. Because FUE is an extraction method and it is also used in a DHI hair transplantation to extract the grafts. It only changes the way of implantation by using implanter/CHOI pens.

How is DHI performed?

Hair follicles are extracted with FUE method and then each graft is placed into the implanter/choi pen in order to be implanted in the recipient area.

The biggest advantage of DHI technique is that there is no need of two separate stages such as incisions (canals) and implantation. The grafts are being implanted directly to the recipient area thanks to the sharp tip of implanter pen.

Implanter pens have diameters of 0,6-1,0mm. Their tips are sharp and cylinder shaped. The specialist that performs the implantation basically inserts the tip of the pen into the scalp and then presses on the back of the pen to push the graft into the skin.