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ReLEx Smile

ReLEx Smile

Relex Smile Laser treatment ( Small incision lenticule extraction) is a procedure that is blade-free performed to eliminate the need of using contact lenses or glasses.

With Relex Smile technique it is possible to fix myopia and astigmatism problems. In this technique there is no need of making a corneal flap as it is widely preferred in LASIK techniques.

As there is no corneal flap made, the healing process is much faster than a LASIK procedure. It only takes a few minutes and in a few days you can have the full result. It is completely blade and flap free.

As a difference from FemtoLASIK, Smile Relex patients do not need to change a few devices as it is performed with only one femtosecond laser device which makes it very practical and easy.

VISUMAX Femtosecond Laser System

It has made a new understanding of refractive eye surgeries.

Visumax Zeiss is the best and most preferred refractive eye surgery tech brand. It uses the latest version of femtosecond laser with high quality transmition and precise cutting skills.

For this reason, VisuMax is the ideal method that can be used for corneal refractive and therapeutic surgeries. It offers different possibilities to the patients.

What are the advantages of Smile ReLEx?

  • Corneal incision is 80% smaller than a regular LASIK procedure. In LASIK it is 20mm whereas in Smile ReLEx it is nearly 4mm.
  • No need of corneal flap.
  • Whole structure of cornea is kept as it is. Faster healing.
  • After Relex Smile, patients do not usually have dry eye problems because cornea is not damaged and tear ducts can function well.