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Bichectomy (Buccal Fat Removal Surgery)

Bichectomy, which can also be defined as Buccal Fat Removal Surgery, is a type of aesthetic procedure performed by removing fat pad from cheeks to give a sharp look to the facial contours. Thanks to bichectomy, the chin and cheekbones are highlighted and facial contours are made more obvious. The out-of-proportion appearance in the facial contours is eliminated thanks to bichectomy procedure, with the aim of obtaining a face shape with an inverted triangle appearance between the cheekbones and the chin also known as the triangle of youth. Facial lines are sharpened with the bichectomy operation performed to obtain the golden ratio. In this way, the patient gets a more aesthetic, attractive and young appearance.

How does Buccal Fat Removal performed?

In a buccal fat removal surgery, main aim is to make the cheeks thinner by extracting excess fat in order to highlight the cheekbones and provide an inverted triangle look on the face. It is mostly preferred by those who have genetically facial assymetry or those who who cannot achieve the lean look no matter how much weight they lost. It is easy to remove excess fat tissue from the inner side of the cheeks and highlight the jawline. This is why this procedure is also called Cheek Reduction Surgery.

A small incision is made under local anesthesia in order to remove the fat tissue from the inside of the mouth. The fat tissue is reached and then the predetermined part of this tissue is removed from the cheek. The same procedure is then applied to the other cheek. At this point, it is extremely important to put both cheeks into a symmetrical aspect. After the operation, the incisions are sutured up.