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Femto Lasik

Femto Lasik

Femto LASIK is the treatment of myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism with the help of femtosecond laser and excimer laser.

Femtosecond laser is an infrared laser with a wavelength of 1053nm. With this laser the small cap called “flap” is prepared on the upper surface of cornea.

Excimer laser is a laser with a wavelength of 193nm. With this laser the cornea is re-shaped and in this way the light can be reflected in the right way so the patient can see properly – without the need of contact lenses or glasses.

All the post operation stages and follow up sessions are the same as a standard LASIK surgery. As the flap is stable on the cornea surface, after FemtoLASIK patient heals faster than a standard LASIK.

How is Femto LASIK performed?

It consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1: Analgesic eye drop is used. The eyes are sterilized and a special device called blepharostat to open the eyes wide and keep them open.

Stage 2: A small opening is made on the cornea which is called “flap” with femtosecond laser and than this flap is elevated. Excimer laser is applied to the inner tissue of cornea to reshape it and the flap is closed back.

Stage 3: The corneal flap is naturally attached back to its place in one minute. Antibiotic eye drop is applied and the procedure is over.

Who can have Femto LASIK?

  • Over the age of 18
  • Those who have not experienced any change in their eye prescription
  • Those who have prescribed 8,0-10,0 for Myopia and 5,0-6,0 for Hypermetropia and Astigmatism.
  • Those who have corneal tomography normal
  • Those who have enough thickness of cornea (Usually above 500 micron is necessary.)

Who can not have Femto LASIK?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Those who have diabetes out of control/irregular
  • Those who have Rheumatism (collagen tissue disorder)
  • AIDS-HIV positive patients
  • Keratoconus patients (too thin and sharp cornea)
  • Those who have severe dry eye
  • Cataract patients

What are the advantages of Femto LASIK?

Femto LASIK allows us to perform the procedure without any manual incisions. The corneal flap is made with the help of femtosecond laser, therefore the damage is much less and the healing process is shorter.

  • The risk of irregular flap by using microkeratome is much less with the femtosecond laser. Even if there occurs an irregularity in the flap, it is possible to re-perform the procedure just 1-2 hours after – whereas with microkeratome the patient should wait 3 months to undergo another procedure.
  • The risk of creating any damage in the epithelium (upper surface of cornea) is very low, therefore it is especially recommended to older than 40 years.
  • It is possible to pre-design the size and the shape of flap in computer virtually.
  • The flap made with femtosecond laser has a thickness of 100microns, that means very low damage to the cornea.
  • Healing process of the incision is faster.

How is the healing process after Femto LASIK?

No bangade is applied to eyes, only protective glasses are used. Half an hour after the procedure your doctor checks your eyes for the last time and then you are good to go back to your hotel.

It is very normal to have slight burning, aching, sensitiveness to light exposure for 3-4 hours after Femto LASIK.

You will start to see properly 3 to 4 hours after the procedure. The day after the procedure you will have another check-up with your doctor and then you can return to your social life normally.

It is recommended to use antibiotic & cortisone eye drops and artificial tear drops for 3-6 months.