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All on Four

All on Four

Dental implants is one of the techniques that allow us to provide a tooth substitution if the patient has completely dead tooth that has to be replaced. However, if the patient has no healthy teeth at all, dental implant treatment is not the best option to go with as it would take too long and cost too much. All-on-4 treatment is a great technique that allows us to provide a whole set of teeth with only 4 main implants, avoiding the need of advanced surgical interventions. By placing 4 or 6 implants, a whole prosthetic teeth can be used without any problem, as the implants keep it stable.

How is all-on-four method performed?

In this method, titanium dental implants are utilized. The only difference between traditional implant and all-on-four technique is that in normal dental implant treatment, it is necessary to place at least 8 or 10 implants in order to provide a full set of teeth. Whereas in all-on-four treatment, only 4 implants are enough for applying a prosthetic dental set which makes the treatment easier, more affordable and shorter.

On the front part of the mouth, 2 implants are placed where the bone is strong, and in the back 2 more implants are placed. The ones in the front are placed with a 90 degree angle, but the back ones are placed with 45 degree angle to provide a more durable result.

Before applying the dental implants, remaining dead teeth are removed under local anesthesia. Once the implants are placed, a temporary prothesis is placed in the mouth. After that the patient should wait 3 months to get a permanent prothesis.

What to do after an all-on-four procedure?

Patient should take the medicines that are prescribed by his/her surgeon, pay attention to the dental hygiene and should not eat hard food with temporary prothesis. Once the implants adapt completely, patient will have a permanent prothesis, which will allow him/her to eat normally. If there is any damage or any break to the prothesis, the patient should immediately see the dentist to avoid any further harm to the implants.

What are the advantages of all-on-four?

  • It allows us to provide a full set of teeth in one session to those who do not have any teeth at all.
  • It does not require any advanced surgical intervention such as maxillary sinus augmentation or bone tissue addition.
  • As a limited number of dental implants are used and there is no need for additional surgical interventions, it creates a great price advantage.
  • It provides a natural look that is designed specifically according to the patient.
  • It is easier to care and clean comparing with traditional dental implants.
  • It is a good choice for those who cannot use removable dental prothesis.
  • It does not occupy any extra space in the mouth and gums, therefore it is easier to adapt.
  • It can be preferred by those who come from another city as it does not require many sessions.