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With age, there happen to be certain changes in the face. Besides aging, sunlight and gravity play a big role in the facial area. Due to decreased muscle tightness, muscle and skin sagging may occur especially in the chin and neck region. The skin gets dryer and it loses its shine, it gets loose and starts to have a saggy appearance with more wrinkles. As collagen produce reduces, the skin loses its elasticity. Especially facial parts that have been exposed to sun for a long time tend to age more.

All these effects can make you look older. With a facelift procedure it is possible to re-gain your younger look with a tighter and smoother skin.

Non-surgical Facelift

Thanks to the latest technological developments, many non-surgical facelifting devices have been developed. The most important thing in this subject is your expectation and your actual condition. The method which gives the best result with only one session is HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment. While other methods are supposed to be applied several sessions, with HIFU technique it is possible to see a great advance with only one session.

It is performed easily without any need of anesthesia and it takes nearly 1 hour. After a non-surgical facelift, it is possible to see the difference but in order to obtain the full result the patient should wait 30 to 45 days. Its permanence depends on the person but in general the achieved results stay for 1-2 years.

Non-surgical facelifting procedure is performed by our Dermatologist Dr. Oyku Celen and it is possible to travel back to your country on the same day or 1 day after the procedure.

We can easily state that with non-surgical facelifting procedure, patients can achieve really good results but it should not be mistaken for “surgical facelift”.
For those who are scared of surgery and anesthesia, the best method is HIFU facelift.

Mini Facelift Surgery

If the skin removal incisions are limited to be done in a specific part of the scalp, it is called Mini Facelifting. The advantage of this procedure is to limit the possibility of scarring and to shorten the healing process. This method is usually recommended for those who are between 40-50 years old and do not have too much excess skin around the mouth and chin. Recently, thanks to the endoscopic midface lift procedures, mini facelift surgery has become less popular.

Midface Lift Surgery

The endoscopic midface lift, or cheek lift is a procedure that can lift sagging cheeks, smooth out nasal furrows, and pull up the corners of your lips. It can be performed either with a small incision in the lower part of the eyes or endoscopically from scalp.

It is compatible with patients at the age of 40-55. It is performed under general anesthesia and takes nearly 2 hours.

Full Facelift

Firstly, an incision is made around the ears and continues into the hairline. A small incision is also made under the chin so that excess fat can be removed and the muscles can be tightened. The deep tissue is tightened from the incisions around the ear, creating a sling effect under the neck. This type of facelift is ideal for someone who has advanced sagging skin around the neck, usually at the age of 55 to 60. It is performed under general anesthesia and approximately takes 2 hours in total.