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About Us

As Lastoda Turizm, we established our company in 2013.In the first years, it was operating with the most accurate and most suitable hotel options for the instant needs of the people where last minute hotel deals were entered.

Global is an international membership as planned Luxury Hotels Clubs Afterwards, the guest loyalty program is among the first institutions established in Turkey.

Our agency, which is in great demand in our country and in the world and continues on its way with Health Tourism, is the authorized agency of Este Center and continues its way by unrivaled in the market.Based on the demands and needs of people, it offers the right choice and options.

With our experts, who offer an alternative for anyone who wants to feel beautiful and good, our full staff is ready to serve you.’Health first, then perfectionism’ Our team, which set out with their words, offers you the image of your dreams in the most accurate way.